About Watercolor Artist Arthur Barnes

Arthur Barnes, Watercolor Artist, Medina NY

Arthur Barnes

Growing up poor in a rural county in upstate New York I wasn’t exposed to much art. I didn’t know any artists. I was fortunate enough to know, even at an early age, that I wanted to be an artist…that I had a calling. But what did that mean? What exactly is an artist? What kind of life does an artist live? I had no art mentor, no map to guide me. I had some drawing ability but knew nothing of art.

So I began my course of self-education, or as I prefer to think of it… self training. I have no degree in art, no piece of paper stating I am an artist.  I was fortunate to study life drawing under American master Juanita Greene Parks for a year in 1982. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I was ready. With the basic principles of composition, color and working directly from life under my belt I began my lone journey.

Turns out every artist is different. Different styles, different approaches, different insights and different goals. I can only share my path. That is then purpose of this site and my blog theartismonk.com. Please feel free to follow me or contact me for more information regarding my art