Fine Art Reproductions

Add mystery and magic to your home or share with a friend with Arthur Barnes’s pastel and watercolor reproductions. Arthur Barnes uses a distinctive style to create a wide array of alluring paintings and pastel pieces, including landscapes, still-lifes and scenes from historic locations.

Working between the subtle shifts of nightshades, Arthur’s Nocturnes collections capture the alluring beauty of sunset and twilight at many distant locations. Soft purples and blue reflect on the water across the docks at nightfall and brilliant oranges and yellows form the backdrop to an evening in paradise. From city skylights to moonlit fields, windowsill candlelight and glowing streetlamps, to daylight paintings from England and Wales, and Erie Canal paintings, each painted and pastel stroke brings the landscape to life. In addition to watercolor and pastel reproductions, Arthur also places fine art originals on custom greeting cards, tote bags, throw pillows, phone cases and many other items, so you can display beautiful artwork anywhere in your home, or take your items with you.

Take a look at the items available for sale and place an original painting on a special item or accessory. Visit the blog to get inspired for your own beautiful paintings and creative works, and check out tips and tricks for artists of all skill levels.